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Always wanted to take marketing into your own hands, but wasn't sure how? Easily discover new brands to partner with and apply to opportunities in 3 clicks. We do not ask for exclusivity and we never take any commissions from your deals.


Want to test athlete marketing for the first time or scale your current athlete marketing efforts? Made for businesses of all sizes, MarketPryce is always free to use for brands. Connect directly with professional athletes and agents who are looking to close more marketing deals within hours.


Feel overwhelmed constantly trying to find marketing deals for your clients? Gain access to 100's of brands who are specifically looking to work with professional athletes on marketing deals. Create direct brand partnerships for all of your athletes within minutes of signing up.

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Why Athletes & Agents work with us

  1. Close more marketing deals through our two-sided marketplace.
  2. Athletes can create their own profile and agents can create profiles for their clients.
  3. Find brands to work with and apply with your asking price within 3 clicks.

Why Brands work with us

  1. Gain direct access to potential athlete ambassadors.
  2. Create a campaign that aligns with your marketing goals, whether you want a single social media post or a long-term partnership.
  3. Use our Social Media insights and proprietary DealScore technology to sort through potential athlete ambassadors interested in your brand and choose the best possible partner.